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KO Media presents Josée di Stasio’s brand new website


KO Média and Josée di Stasio are proud to unveil the brand new website, It was after publishing the special issue di Stasio :Comme en Italie , that Sophie Banford, editor and CEO of KO Média, convinced the popular and passionate host to (finally!) create her own website.

For nearly 20 years, Josée has inspired us and shared her love of food and cooking through her TV shows and cookbooks. So why this online shift? Her answer is simple: “To share. To continue to do what has been my driving force for years, on TV and in my books. Share recipes and tips and sources of inspiration, whether culinary, visual or otherwise. And also, for spontaneity. If you’re at the market during the end of season tomato craze, looking to make a big batch of sauce, chances are, I am too! So why not take the opportunity to help feed your inspiration, and cook with the seasons?”

On this new website, you’ll find classic recipes (of course!), but also exclusive information, hundreds of meal ideas, a how-to section with tips and tricks, a video section full of culinary tutorials, in addition to menu themes and other recipes added throughout the day and depending on mood and season. Fans will also be able to sign up for an exclusive member area which allows them to create tables with their favourite dishes, as well as comment on all recipes.

You can also now follow Josée on her new Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and sign up to get her weekly newsletter.


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