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Serge Savard’s biography to be published on October 9


For the first time ever, Serge Savard tells his story in Canadien jusqu’au bout, a biography to be released by KO Éditions, on October 9th. A project initiated by Louis Morissette’s passion for hockey and written by sports journalist Philippe Cantin, this riveting story looks back at the professional career of former player, captain and general manager of the Montreal Canadiens against a backdrop of Quebec politics and sports.

Since his first games played on a makeshift ice rink in Landrienne, Abitibi, where he spent his childhood, Serge Savard has been guided by one thing: His love of hockey. In this biographical account, the athlete and businessman, who played for the infamous red, white and blue organization for 33-years and competed in 10 Stanley Cups playoffs, takes us behind the scenes of a larger-than-life career. This talented Montreal Canadiens player looks back at the highs and lows that shaped his story, from his beginnings as a rookie to his last days on the second floor of the Montreal Forum as the club’s general manager. Through these pages, and under the skillful writing of Philippe Cantin, discover a man whose values have guided each and every decision, even the most crucial ones.

Serge Savard will be on the TV show, Tout le monde en parle on Sunday, October 6, ICI Radio-Canada, to unveil his biography.


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